Some news about the Trans­vi­sion scripts aka loca­li­sa­tion glos­sa­ries.

On the Glos­saire you’ll find the glos­sary for the 1.9.2 branch (comm, mozilla, mobi­le1.1 and various other direc­to­ries).

On Glos­sary Trunk you’ll find the glos­sary for the trunk (comm, mozilla, mobile and various other direc­to­ries).

For these two URLs, you’ll find a glos­sary, an ali­gn­ment tool, a dupli­cate search (for the trunk, the cache will be upda­ted tomor­row).

The results for the glos­sary are now high­ligh­ted and colours are used in the first column. You can now use regexp, *wild­card, make the search case sen­si­tive, whole word only and search on the entity names.

In beta: you can also get the results of the glos­sary through a web­ser­vice (replace “fr” with your locale code).

with the same search options as Glos­sary (try a search on this page and look at the resul­ting URL). This part can be enhan­ced on demand.

As a side effect, we pro­vide now two mer­cu­rial repo­si­to­ries which fol­lows the 1.9.2 branch for all the pro­ducts, and the trunk.

You can get infor­ma­tion on how the Trans­vi­sion tool can help you make a bet­ter loca­li­sa­tion in rea­ding the two mes­sa­ges from Goofy on the Babel­zilla blog: Trans­vi­sion Is Good For Me and Trans­vi­sion Pro­gress

This wiki page can also be inte­res­ting, but per­haps a lit­tle out­da­ted.

For the French locale, I’ve also made a term to term glos­sary auto­ma­ti­cally.

This is done with Mathe­ma­tica and takes some time (approxi­ma­tely one hour) to com­pute. It’s not per­fectly accu­rate, but, if I have time, I’ll plan to enhance the cal­cu­la­tions. From the loca­li­sa­tion pers­pec­tive, I don’t think it is really use­ful, but it was fun to hack. If someone from a dif­fe­rent locale is inte­res­ted in the results, I can make on demand a term to term glos­sary (expect time lag for the rea­li­sa­tion).

I hope this will be use­ful for you.